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Why Choose Us?


Each member in our team has between 10 and 30 years of travel within South African safari destinations. We've been there ourselves and experienced each reserve and the wonderful things they individually offer. You will acquire concise, unique information and insights on each safari destination.

We have stayed in all the Kruger National Park, SANParks and KZN camps.

We have visited or stayed in all the private lodges within the Kruger National Park and most of the surrounding lodges and hotels too.

We have anonymously reviewed and rated our pick of the private Big 5 game reserves within South Africa.

  • Our National Parks photos are unique and designed to show you what your accommodation looks like inside, how close you are to your neighbour, the views you can expect and what the facilities are really like.
  • Our knowledge of each camp is invaluable - we can tell you about fences, cleanliness, value, safety and the wildlife you can expect to see in and near the camp. We give you tips on our favourite accommodation and can give you our pick for view, safety, convenience etc. Take a visual tour of the grounds and facilities including pools, restaurants and access roads.
  • We have driven all the routes to the major safari (Big 5) game reserves. We can let you know which are the most scenic, the safest, the most direct and the cheapest. Armed with this info you will know where to fill up the car, where to stop for a snack break, what to see on the way and what to look out for and road conditions.
  • We have flown to major South African cities found near these game reserves. We can offer advice on hire cars, airport info and route in and out of the airports to major destinations.
  • We know where to find important amenities. We have researched and visited doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, fuel stations, banks, supermarkets, butchers and restaurants surrounding the major game reserves. Now you will know where the best butcher is, where the best private medical facility is, where to go for an exceptional or a great value cheap meal and much more. You will learn where the reliable fuel stations are and how petrol is graded in South Africa.
  • Our safety tips, packing and preparation tips are tried and tested. You even have access to a shopping list, packing list and list of important info including visas, banking and money matters including tipping and taxes, medical facilities and much more.
  • We have chosen our top family camps. You receive candid  info on private camps with fences ( the first and only place so far to find this on the web!), facilities, children's program and 'welcome' factor (how do they really welcome your child?). There is also an in-depth section on travelling with babies and very young children.

We encourage you to send queries to us via our comments section below or by email on  

Our aim is to empower you with all the knowledge you need to make this amazing African safari your trip of a lifetime.